Nepal government hopes India to ensure uninterrupted entry of vehicles (Press Release)

The Government of Nepal is concerned over undue delay on the movement and clearance of cargo vehicles resulting in significant decrease in the flow of essential goods to Nepal from India via different border checkpoints for last few days. This decreased flow has been noted particularly since September 23, 2015 whereas the security situation in Terai has remained the same for more than a month and now has been improving gradually.

Hon’ble Minister for Health and Population and Minister in charge for Foreign Affairs  Mr. Khaga Raj Adhikari, during his meeting with Ambassador of India to Nepal at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Singha Durbar on September 25, 2015, had informed about this fact and requested for necessary cooperation from the Government of India for early release of cargo vehicles stuck at border checkpoints on the Indian side.

The situation of supply, however, has not improved ever since. Not a single cargo vehicle could enter Nepal throughBiratnagar, Birgunj, Bhairahawa, Krishnanagar and Nepalgunj checkpoints until 5 p.m. today. 29 cargo vehicles carrying perishable goods had managed to enter Nepal yesterday and the day before through Bhairahawa checkpoint. Only 17 cargo vehicles, including 3 with POL products, through Mechi checkpoint and 25 cargo vehicles, including 20 with POL products, through Dhangadhi check point could enter Nepal, today. Hundreds of vehicles carrying POL products and other essential goods are awaiting clearance to enter Nepal on the Indian side of the border. Tankers have not been filled up with POL products. Similarly, large number of vehicles has not been allowed to enter the Indian side in order to bring goods into Nepal. Due to this, the Nepalese people have begun to feel shortage of daily supplies on the eve of festive season.

Given the friendly relations existing between the two countries, the Government of Nepal sincerely hopes that the Government of India will take all necessary steps at the earliest to ensure uninterrupted entry of vehicles carrying essential supplies, including POL products, to Nepal as before. The Government of Nepal would like to reiterate that there would not be any problem inside the Nepalese territory for the transport vehicles and their personnel since arrangements are already in place for their security.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Singha Durbar


26 September 2015

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