Nepal is a very valued partner of the US in the Indo-Pacific: US Secretary of State, Blinken

We’re working together to ensure that we have a free, open, secure, prosperous region.

WASHINGTON – US Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken condemned the killing of 10 Nepali students in Israel by Hamas and extended condolences towards them.

Talking to media persons before holding bilateral meeting with Foreign Minister Narayan Prakash Saud on Monday, US Secretary of State Blinken said the attack in Israel by Hamas was a terrorist incident. “I have to start, though, on a very difficult note, which is to share again our condolences for the 10 Nepali students who were murdered by Hamas in Israel. We feel their loss deeply”, he stated.

The US Secretary of State mentioned that it was a pleasure to welcome the foreign minister here to the State Department, Washington. A bilateral meeting was held between Foreign Minister Saud, who arrived in Washington DC on Monday in course of his official visit to United States and US Secretary of State, Blinken, on Monday.

In a joint press briefing organised here after the bilateral meeting, Blinken shared, “We have 76 years of diplomatic relations between Nepal and the United States, and Nepal is today a very valued partner in the Indo-Pacific. We’re working together to ensure that we have a free, open, secure, prosperous region.” The US Secretary of State mentioned that in so many ways, Nepal is leading, not just in the region but globally, as a very constructive actor in international organizations – of course, with so many peacekeepers who are trying to help people move from conflict to peace around the world. “We’re working to deepen it and strengthen the bilateral relations even more, particularly with more people-to-people ties, and as well, economic ties, investment”, he stated.

In a press briefing, he stated that Nepal and the United States have significant collaborations in the economic sector. In response, Minister Saud acknowledged the US Secretary of State’s condolences over for the loss of ten Nepali students in Israel. He said “We have lost our 10 students there and one is kidnapped.” Stating that Nepal appreciates everyone who offers their condolences and support to us during this painful time. Similarly, describing the US as a major development partner of Nepal, the Foreign Minister thanked the US government for its continued support to Nepal’s various sectors, particularly infrastructure development, health and education.

He also appreciated his US counterpart for making time for a bilateral meeting, in this complicated situation. “I convey by gratitude to the Secretary of State Antony Blinken for providing us such a precious time in this complicated situation.” It reflects the priority of the US to Nepal, according to the Minister. “We wish to thank the US government and the citizens for their support to Nepal during times of crisis,” he said.

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