Nepal objects to UK-India joint statement

KATHMANDU, Nov. 15 (Xinhua) — Objecting to a reference to Nepal made in a joint statement between India and Britain, Nepal said that constitution making is purely an internal affair and Nepal is capable of handling its internal affairs on its own.

In a press statement issued Sunday, the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the Nepalese government’s attention was drawn to the reference to Nepal made in the recent joint statement released during Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Britain.

“Nepal has been able to promulgate a new democratic and inclusive constitution through an elected Constituent Assembly after a rigorous democratic exercise of about eight years,” read the statement.

The ministry has said that the promulgation of the new constitution marks the conclusion of the nationally-driven peace process initiated in 2006 and also institutionalizes significant democratic gains and aspirations of the people.

“Nepal respects the international community’s support and goodwill for peace, stability and prosperity. However, Nepal strongly views that constitution making is an internal matter of a country and Nepal is capable of handling its internal affairs on its own,” the statement said.

After the meeting between Modi and British Prime Minister David Cameron, on Nov. 12, the joint statement between the two countries stated “The two prime ministers had stressed the importance of a lasting and inclusive constitutional settlement in Nepal that will address the remaining areas of concern and promote political stability and economic growth.”

A senior official at Nepal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs who preferred to remain anonymous told Xinhua that, “Nepal adopted a new constitution as a sovereign country and we believe that no other countries should dictate us on the content of the new constitution. We can’t tolerate external intervention of any foreign countries in our domestic affairs.”

Nepal adopted a new constitution on Sept. 20.

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