Nepal should benefit from China’s prosperity: Chinese envoy

KATHMANDU: Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Yu Hong has said that Nepal should reap benefits from the prosperity of China.

Nepal could be benefited from China’s prosperity in various sectors including trade, investment and connectivity as Nepal has already joined China-proposed One Belt and One Road Initiatives (OBOR), she said.

In a press meet organized on the occasion of 19th Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and Sino-Nepal Relations by Embassy of China in Kathmandu, the Chinese envoy shared that China was supporting Nepal on the basis of equal treatment, mutual cooperation and shared development framework.

She further shared that Sino-Nepal relations has strengthened further in these days adding that the high-level exchange of visits, feasibility study on railway in Nepal, increasing the number of Nepalis students in China indicate the robust bilateral ties.

Chinese Ambassador Yu said that China was working out to resume Tatopani border point and to smoothly operate Araniko Highway as these were important factors to promote bilateral trades.

She said that with the completion of 19th Congress of the CPC, China has entered into a new era and it will add a new dimension in its foreign policies as well.

On the occasion, committing to continue supports to Nepal, the Chinese Ambassador praised Nepal’s one-china policy.

She also shared the progress achieved by China during President Xi Jin Ping’s first five year-tenure.

Ambassador Yu also said that the 19th Congress has prepared road map of development in China for the upcoming decades.



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