Nepal to get continuous support of US for its development

Khajura (17 December 2022) – US Ambassador to Nepal, Dean R Thompson, has said the US government has been providing special support for Nepal’s economic prosperity.

The US envoy shared that main priority has been given to education, health, agriculture, and environment through different projects for overall development of Nepal. Ambassador Thompson, who arrived in Nepalgunj in course of visit to the western part of Nepal, mentioned that preparation is underway to bring special programmes of information, technology and English language in Nepal.

He opined, “There are still many works to do in Nepal. We want to lay special emphasis on the development of road, hydropower and small and middle-scale industries.” Saying that in course of the visit, he found different US-funded programmes running in Nepal had made good changes among community-level citizens, the US Ambassador added such programmes have helped more to the marginalized and minority community. Infrastructures of Nepal are yet to be developed in order to put Nepal in the list of developed countries, he observed.

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