Nepalese Army , U.S. Pacific Command to hold Multinational Peacekeeping Exercise from Monday

KATHMANDU, March 19 (Nepal Foreign Affairs)–The Nepalese Army and U.S. Pacific Command will conduct Multinational Peacekeeping Exercise Shanti Prayas III at the Birendra Peace Operations Training Centre, Panchkhal, Nepal, March 20 – April 3, 2017, the Nepalese Army stated on Sunday.

This U.S.-Nepal sponsored multinational peacekeeping exercise will serve as U.S. Pacific Command’s annual capstone for the Global Peace Operations Initiative program, according to a statement issued by the US Army.

The GPOI program provides pre-deployment training to GPOI partner countries that prepares for real-world United Nations (U.N.) peacekeeping operations.

Approximately 68 U.S. and 540 Nepalese Army personnel are expected to participate during the exercise, along with approximately 460 personnel from more than 30 nations, the US Army said.

“This year, the Nepalese Army and U.S. Pacific Command invited military personnel from the following nations to attend: Australia, Bangladesh, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Fiji, Germany, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Krygistan, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Paraguay, Philippines, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Vietnam and Zambia,” it said.

“More than 30 nations from around the world are sending forces to Multinational Peacekeeping Exercise Shanti Prayas III in Nepal. The exercise will enhance global interoperability and develop common tactics, techniques and procedures required to effectively support real-world U.N. peacekeeping operations,” said Adm. Harry B. Harris Jr., U.S. Pacific Command commander.

“The Nepalese-U.S. relationship is strong and continues to grow – and the training we are conducting at the Birendra Peace Operations Training Centre in Nepal is a testament to our shared commitment to enhancing global peacekeeping operations and the enforcement of U.N. mandates.”

Multinational Peacekeeping Exercise Shanti Prayas III participants will train on the skills required to successfully carry out U.N. peacekeeping mission mandates and tasks during concurrently run Staff Training Events, Field Training Events, and U.S. – Nepal bilateral U.N. Critical Enabler Capabilities Enhancement courses at the Birendra Peace Operations Training Centre.

The following training will be provided to participants during this year’s exercise: Logistics, Plans, Operations, Civil-Military Coordination, Explosives Ordnance Disposal, Counter-Improvised Explosive Device, Unexploded Ordnance and Mine Awareness, Information Lead Operations, Medical Basic First Responder, Rules of Engagement, Military Police Duties and Responsibilities, Cordon and Search, Checkpoint, Convoy, Dismounted Patrol, U.N. Designated Site, Humanitarian Distribution, and Women, Peace and Security.

Multinational Peacekeeping Exercises have been conducted annually in the Indo-Asia-Pacific supporting the GPOI since 2006. The exercises have occurred in Bangladesh (twice), Cambodia, Indonesia (twice), Malaysia, Mongolia (three times), Nepal and Thailand. The last iteration conducted in Nepal occurred in 2013.

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