Nepali Communists announce Electoral Alliances and Unification (with the text of agreement)   

Nepal Foreign Affairs (3 October 2017) – In what we call the surprising and historic move towards communist unification in Nepal, two major leftist forces- CPN(UML) and CPN (Maoist Centre) – on Tuesday announced electoral alliance for the upcoming election.

Both the parties have said the electoral alliance was the initial step towards the party unification that aims to establish the single communist party in Nepal. Similarly, Naya Shakti Party led by Dr. Baburam Bhattari has also joined the electoral alliance with the major communist parties.

The chiefs of the three parties – KP Oli, Puspa Kamal Dahal and Baburam Bhattari- signed the 6-points agreement paper in the presence of top party leadership and huge mass at City Hall. While highlighting the importance of historic agreement, the three leaders have said in common that the alliance of communists, progressive and nationalist forces- was the need of the hour to push the country towards economic development and prosperity.

Earlier in the day, the parties had decided to forge electoral alliance for the upcoming elections. According to the announcement, Baburam Bhattari will fight election with the UML electoral sign- the Sun from Gorkha district.


Here are the six points of key agreement

  • To form an eight-member party unification coordination committee with the objective to merge the three parties.
  • The committee will have four members from the CPN-UML, three from CPN (Maoist Centre) and one from Naya Shakti Nepal. The committee will prepare the detailed blueprint and plan.
  •  To form a document drafting committee to prepare the party’s policy and statute. Complete the unification process after the holding the parliamentary and provincial elections.
  •  To hold discussion on the party issues and not to speak derogative statements against each other   in public.
  • CPN-UML and CPN (Maoist Centre) to forge electoral alliance so as to share 60/40 seats in Parliament and Provincial assembly.
  • To prepare a joint manifesto for the upcoming elections and form a manifesto drafting committee for the upcoming Parliamentary election. To call on other political forces to forge electoral alliance.


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