Nepal’s Maoists (Revolutionary) writes to Modi : End economic blockade in Nepal (Full text)


Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi,

Prime Minister’s Office, New Delhi

indexThrough: the Excellency Ambassador of India to Nepal,

Indian Embassy, Lainchour Kathmandu

Sub: Letter of memorandum.


Dear Sir,

Many political and social forces including our party are constantly protesting against the economic embargo imposed by the government of India against Nepal right from the beginning at home and abroad. But your government is not paying any heed to this genuine demand rather it is tightening its rope at the neck. According to the reports, the economic and other losses caused by the ongoing embargo exceeds that of devastating earth quake having its highest intensity on April 25 and May 12, which is undoubtedly a deadly episode in the history of Nepal. It is quite evident that the embargo has caused extreme scarcity of medicine, cooking gas, petroleum products in which Nepal is fully dependent on India.

As pernicious impacts of this event, hospitals, schools, colleges have been closed, hotels have removed cooking items from their menus and household kitchens are not functioning, hotels are locked, roads are deserted. By doing all these has your government fulfilled the responsibility of a good neighbor? This question is being raised in Nepa1 and over the world. We think that this embargo is– against the spirit of friendly ties between our two countries, against the friendly relationship between the people of the two countries, an open interference in the sovereignty of Nepal, gross violation of general convention of United Nations’ Organisation and all its norms and also against general humanitarian principle and conduct. Therefore our party condemns this act and strongly urges the government of India to withdraw this inhumane embargo from the immediate effect. It is also true that the embargo is not an isolated event fell upon Nepal overnight. Some unequal treatise, agreements and understandings are responsible for this event. Therefore, we like to focus on some major issues which are closely related to the notorious episode (embargo) as follows:

  1. Unrestricted transit facilities based on the international laws and practices should be provided by Indian government to the landlocked country Nepal and India should respect the universal free transit right of Nepal.
  2. All unequal treatise signed in the past between different governments of Nepal and India during various junctures of history, including “Indo-Nepal peace and friendly treaty” signed in July 31, 1950 should be abrogated and new treaty representing current situation should be signed.
  3. All the agreements signed between various governments of Nepal and India relating to water resources such as, Indo-Nepal Koshi Project 1954, Comprehensive Mahakali development agreement 1996, MOU of Arun third hydropower project 2008 and MOU of Upper Karnali hydro power project 2008 should be annulled and new agreements be signed on the new basis.
  4. India should stop all kinds of interference against Nepal and should stop indulging in internal affairs of Nepal.
  5. Government of India must withdraw and terminate the embargo imposed against Nepal immediately and without any delay.
  6. Hostile attitude of Indian government against Nepalese people and Nepal should be stopped immediately.

We request the Prime Minister of India to take in all seriousness to fulfill the demands as mentioned above.

Yours’ Sincerely,

(Mohan Vaidya ‘Kiran’),


Communist Party of Nepal (Revolutionary Maoist).

November 23, 2015



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