NRNA to initiate to bring back stranded Nepalis in foreign countries home

RSS (20 April 2020) – Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA), an association of non-resident Nepalis across the globe, will initiate in repatriating Nepalis stranded in foreign countries due to global lockdown, it has been said. However, the Government of Nepal has asked Nepalis in foreign countries to remain safe in the places where they were staying until April-end. Minister for Foreign Affairs, Pradeep Kumar Gyawali on behalf of the government requested the Nepalis in foreign land in this regard.

A video conference meeting of the COVID-19 high level committee formed by the NRNA concluded that many Nepali immigrant workers have been stranded in Gulf countries due to lockdown, and they are in need of repatriation at this difficult time. The meeting also expressed its serious concerns about predicaments facing the stranded Nepali people in foreign land. Many Nepali people in Cyprus, Australia and the United State of America and Gulf countries have been affected the most, and around 50,000 of them wanted to return home at present, the NRNA estimates.

The immigrant workers have been facing various problems like accommodation, food and most of their labour contracts have been expired, The NRNA has also drawn the attention of Minister for Labour, Employment and Social Security Rameshwar Ray Yadav to create environment conducive for the Nepalis to return home in a safe way. Most of the migrant workers are eager to return home, said NRNA President Kumar Panta. “Around 3,000 Nepali migrant workers in Kuwait are stuck after failure to complete documentation to return home. Many Nepali migrant workers have been stranded after local governments in the respective countries have denied assistances to them.

In their repatriation to Nepal, talks are underway with Foreign Minister Gyawali and the minister is positive about it,” he said. At the meeting, former Education Minister Gangadhar Tuladhar viewed that it would be an incredible contribution for the NRNA to help Nepal and Nepalis at this time of crisis. Discussions were underway with the Government of Nepal to use the foreign employment welfare fund for those Nepali people stranded in foreign countries, said the NRNA Vice President Dr Badri KC. So far, more than Rs 5 billion has been deposited to the fund.

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