Our motto

With an objective of promoting Nepal’s diplomacy through dissemination of information on different aspects of foreign affairs, www.foreignaffairsnepal.com has been established in Jan 2015. Diplomacy of a country always remains in the centre and it has key role in safeguarding national interests. Our motto is to safeguard Nepal’s national interests, sovereignty and integrity through our contents.

We will hold series of discussions and dialogues on issues relating to contemporary international relations and foreign affairs-related matters side by side.

With the advancement of modern technology, the journalism has been established as one of prominent sources of getting information and news in the recent years. Online journalism has become more specialised in Nepal.

Number of people having knowledge on global politics and diplomacy has been significantly increased in the recent times in Nepal. Generally, the Digital diplomacy or e-diplomacy is meant for using the internet and new information communication technologies to help gaining diplomatic goals.

Nepal government, political parties, diplomatic community in Nepal and concerned stakeholders will be urged to respect and follow the diplomatic norms, diplomatic code of conduct set by the Nepal government.

As a country sand-witched between the two emerging economic powers of the world—China and India, Nepal should adopt a firm foreign policy safeguarding the national interests. It is very unfortunate Nepal’s political parties have been sharply divided on foreign policy. Given the significance of its geo-strategic locations, Nepal has been paid attention by global powers.

Our contribution will be always toward promoting Nepal’s image in the global arena. We look forward your support in our endeavours.

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