Over 1,000 Bangladeshi workers killed in work-related incidents in 2022

DHAKA – At least 1,034 workers were killed and 1,037 others were injured in 2022 in Bangladesh due to different occupational accidents, workplace violence, road accident, and violation of labor rights, said a local development organization here Monday.

The organization — Bangladesh Institute of Labor Studies (BILS) — revealed the statistics in Dhaka in a statement. Of the total, the highest number of causalities was in the transport sector with 499 deaths, followed by the construction sector at 118 and farming at 112. According to the BILS statistics, the deaths of workers at workplaces slightly decreased in 2022 compared to the previous two years as 1,053 workers were killed in 2021.

The organization said weak labor inspections, lack of health and safety training among workers, and lack of decent wages were the key causes for continuing occupational accidents and labor unrest in the country.


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