Pakistan top adviser accuses Indian PM Modi of creating hatred

ISLAMABAD, June 10 (Xinhua) — Pakistan‘s top national security advisor Sartaj Aziz told the Senate on Wednesday that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is “creating hatred” against Pakistan and that his country would take all possible steps at the diplomatic front to “expose India’s role in the breakup of Pakistan in 1971.”

Aziz’s statement came just days after Prime Minister Modi touched upon India role in the separation of then Eastern Province of Pakistan during his recent visit to Bangladesh.

The 1971 events in Eastern Province of Pakistan led to the creation of Bangladesh.

“The government has taken strong note of the statements of Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his recently concluded visit to Bangladesh in which he acknowledged Indian government’s involvement in the events of 1971 in the then Eastern Province of Pakistan,” the Pakistani adviser said in the Senate.

“We have urged the international community to take note of India’s acknowledgment of its blatant interference in a sovereign neighboring country,” Mr Aziz said in a policy statement after the opposition parties demanded a tough reaction to the Indian PM’s statement.

“Such statements only confirm Pakistan’s stance on India’s activities to destabilize Pakistan,” he said.

The Indian Prime Minister had also recalled that 90,000 Pakistani prisoners of war were in India’s captivity during what he called the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War.

Aziz assured the Upper House of the Pakistan that Pakistan will “expose India’s role in the breakup of Pakistan in 1971.”

“It is regrettable that the Indian politicians not only indulge in actions that are in violation of the United Nations Charter but also take pride in recalling their interference in the internal affairs of the other states,” the Pakistani adviser said.

Modi’s remarks caused diplomatic tensions between the uneasy neighbors at a time when their relations were at the lowest ebb on several issues including the cross-border shelling, Mumbai attacks trial, the release of a suspect in the attacks and allegations of terrorism.

India abruptly canceled bilateral talks with Pakistan last year after Pakistan envoy in New Delhi met the Indian Kashmiri leaders.

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