PM Koirala denounces terrorist attack in Punjab

Prime Minister Sushil Koirala in a message to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed sorrow and grief on the loss of innocent lives in terrorist attack in Gurdaspur, in India.

In his message, Prime Minister Koirala said “Nepal   strongly condemns terrorism in all its form and  manifestations. Terrorism is a big enemy to peace, stability, democracy and development.  Terrorism is a common disease. The cowardly and senseless act of terrorism must therefore be fought firmly and unequivocally.”

The Prime Minister also praised the courage of   Indian security officials who fought the barbaric attacks and defeated the evil acts against humanity.

In his message, Prime Minister Koirala conveyed the deepest condolences and sympathies of the people and Government of Nepal  to His Excellency the Prime Minister of India,  and  through him to the members of bereaved families.


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