President Xi’s visit helps increase Nepal’s prestige in international arena- Baburam Bhattarai

Nepal Foreign Affairs (KATHMANDU, 17 October 2019) – Former Prime Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai has said that Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Nepal has helped increase the country’s prestige in international arena.

At a press meet organised at Gorkha headquarters today, Bhattarai, also Chairperson of Socialist Party Nepal, said, “State visit to Nepal by Chinese President has helped to enhance Nepal’s prestige in international arena. This is positive and significant.”

Stressing that Nepal should move ahead by maintaining balance between the two neighbouring countries, he said, “We think that Nepal can move ahead keeping balanced relations between both neighbouring countries. The recently held state visit of Chinese President Xi has also given this message.”

On a different note, Bhattarai said that no one can hide his/her crime in recent period due to democracy. Arresting lawmakers one after another on the charge of their involvement in criminal activities was the achievement of democracy, he said. Leader Bhattarai said,

“The act of arresting political leaders has given a message that action would be taken against all involved in criminal activities as per law, and not only against the general public, which is very positive.”

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