Prime Minister Oli condemns violence in Syria, urges world leaders to find solution in a peaceful way

Nepal Foreign Affairs ( KATHMANDU, 3 March 2018) – Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has urged the world leaders to solve the Syrian Civil War through peace and dialogue ending the continued war and violence.

In a program to chant Dhammapad , a collection of saying by Lord Buddha, as an attempt to register world record in Guiness book of world record on Saturday, Prime Minister Oli spoke about the Syrian crises and asked all the major leaders of the world to stop violence.

Condemning  the killing of innocent lives including the children in a brutal manner, Prime  Minister Oli, reiterating the Buddha’s message of peace and non-violence, urged the global leaders to immediately apply measures to stop the violence and killing of innocent.

He also drew the serious attention of United Nations and some other nations – USA and Russia- which are directly involved in accelerating war in Syria for their power image.

”I request all the government and leaders of the world to move forward in peaceful manner. Let’s stop violence, move forward with peace and friendship” he said.

About four hundred thousands of people have been killed so far after the war erupted in Syria.

The Syrian Civil War is an ongoing multi-sided armed conflict in Syria fought primarily between the government of President Bashar al-Assad, along with its allies and various forces  opposing the governent.

The unrest in Syria, part of a wider wave of 2011 Arab Spring protests, grew out of discontent with the Assad government and escalated to an armed conflict after protests calling for his removal were violently suppressed.

IranRussia and Hezbollah support the Syrian government militarily, with Russia conducting air operations in support of the government since September 2015. On the other hand, the U.S.-led international coalition established in 2014 with a declared purpose of countering ISIL, have conducted airstrikes against ISIL in Syria as well as against government and pro-government targets.

International organizations have accused the Syrian government, ISIL and rebel groups of severe human rights violations and of many massacres.

The conflict has caused a major refugee crisis. Over the course of the war a number of peace initiatives have been launched, including the March 2017 Geneva peace talks on Syria led by the United Nations, but fighting continues.

No doubt Buddha was born in Nepal

Prime Minister said there was no doubt that Gautam Buddha was born in Nepal. ”Buddha was born in Lumbini of Nepal. Let’s not question on it. There might be some doubts in some places about the buddha’s birthplace. But now it’s been cleared ” he said.



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