Prime Minister Oli to neighbours: Maintain mutual respect

Nepal Foreign Affairs (KATHMANDU,  23 May) – Prime Minister K.P.Sharma Oli on Monday said that all nations should maintain mutual respect and understanding removing mistrust and tensions for accelerating the development endeavor.

While discussing Nepal and Pakistan relations with the Ambassador of Pakistan to Nepal, Mazhar Javed, who called on courtesy, Prime Minister Oli reiterated peace, mutual trust and respect were prerequisite for the bilateral and multilateral development. Oli didn’t mention India.

‘This is 21st century, the century of non-interference and all nations should have mutual respect and understanding each other to accelerate development” he  further said, ”this is the century of development and prosperity.”

Highlighting some features of Nepal’s foreign policy under his leadership, Prime Minister said Nepal is always in favor of peace and prosperity and friendly relations should follow the theory of peace, development and prosperity.

Recalling the history of different civilizations of the world, Prime Minister said that Asia and the South Asia is one of the ancient civilizations and rich in culture, languages and scripts. He also said that the 21st century is the Asian century and all Asian nations should revive their previous glory.

In the meeting, Ambassador Javed congratulated Nepal for promulgating new constitution to meet the aspiration of Nepali people. He said that there are some commonalities between two such as freedom of expression, freedom of Media and vibrant civil societies.

He said,”we look forward enhancing the relations in the field of education. To create a symbol of friendship between Pakistan and Nepal, we are working on it.” Ambassador Javed took over the charge about three months ago

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