Prime Minister Oli urges ambassadors to understand Nepal’s exact situation  

PM-kp-oli_20151012083133Nepal Foreign Affairs (KATHMANDU, 11 May 2016)  –  Prime Minister K.P.Sharma Oli on Wednesday urged the Kathmandu-based diplomatic representatives to understand the Nepal’s exact situation before making any judgement on concurrent issues.

Briefing to them on the current diplomatic and political situation of the country, Prime Minister requested ambassadors and head of diplomatic missions not to be confused believing the rumours spread by some sections of Nepali politics.

”We are going to resolve the problems through dialogue and we have invited the agitating parties to sit in talks” PM said,” In this situation, we expect and request our neighbours, friends and international communities to understand the exact situations and reality and the efforts made by the government”.

Hinting at the recent political drama about the regime change backed by Indian government , he said that the government will work for full term (till 21 Jan 2018) as per the constitutional arrangement. ”In democracy, all governments are  periodic and temporary, this is not a big deal. It doesn’t mean that the present government is in crisis” he said.

PM Oli made it clear that the rationale behind the government’s intention to hold the local body election is to facilitate the post-earthquake reconstruction as the local election has not been held for the past 15 years.

He appealed to the International community to not doubt the government’s commitment towards democracy, political stability and the human rights.

Indian ambassador Ranjit Rae and  Chinese Ambassador Wu Chuntai were also present during PM Oli’s briefing.


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