Prime Minister Oli’s message on SAARC Charter Day : SAARC is not a choice but a necessity



Nepal Foreign Affairs (KATHMANDU, 7 December 2018) – Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has expressed his firm belief that regional cooperation in South Asia is not a choice, but a necessity.
“I am confident that SAARC, as a common forum of South Asian countries, will continue to enhance understanding among the Member States of consolidate initiatives to address such challenges, thereby paving the way for development and prosperity,” said PM Oli while extending best wishes and warm greetings to all SAARC Member States and the people of South Asia on the occasion of the 34th SAARC Charter Day on Friday.
The PM further said in view of the growing significance of regional cooperation, he believed that the Member States should attach high level of commitment to make SAARC a vibrant regional body. He pointed out the need of reinvigoration of the SAARC progress and timely holding of Summit which he said would be of critical importance.
“Nepal, as a founding member and the current chair of SAARC, is firmly committed to the SAARC Charter, its principles and objectives in line with its foreign policy priority,” he reminded.
In the message, the PM observed that it was pleasing to note that the SAARC has made progress in various sectors of regional cooperation since its inception in 1985. The SAARC Charter embodies vital objectives ranging from economic prosperity to socio-culture development and promoting collective interests and benefits of the Member States.
The principles of the SAARC Charter have laid a solid foundation for regional cooperation in South Asia, according to him.

He further said South Asia is bound together by shared history, common social fabrics and cultural heritage, and geographical contiguity. Huge potentials and opportunities for development have added further impetus to walk and work together, according to him.
The world today, as he said, is facing several challenges such as poverty, inequality and climate change. Global and regional solidarity and efforts are needed to tackle these challenges.

He expressed his hope that this special day would inspire all of Member States to stand firmly together to work towards a deeper regional integration for peaceful, prosperous and happy South Asia.

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