Provisions on Foreign Policy in Nepal’s new Constitution

Constitutional Provisions on Foreign Policy:
The Directive Principles and the State Policy of the Interim Constitution of Nepal, 2063 (2007) identify the cardinal principles, parameters, and general directions of Nepal’s foreign policy. They are:

Directive Principle:

  1. The State shall, in its international relations, be guided by the objective of enhancing the dignity of the nation in the international arena by maintaining the sovereignty, integrity and independence of the country. (Clause 34.6)

State Policy:

  1. The foreign policy of Nepal shall be based on the principles of the United Nations Charter, nonalignment, the principles of Panchsheel, international law and the norms of world peace. (Clause 35.21)
  2. The State shall pursue a policy of making continuous efforts to institutionalize peace in Nepal through international norms and values, by promoting cooperative and good relations in economic, social and other spheres with neighbouring friendly nations and all other countries of the world, on the basis of equality. (Clause 35.22)


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