Russia, West going through difficult period but war impossible: Russian PM

VLADIVOSTOK, Nov. 11 (Xinhua) — Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev admitted that Russian’s relations with certain Western countries are far from ideal, and they are going through a difficult period but the war scenario is impossible.

“I don’t want to recognize such a possibility at all,” Medvedev was quoted by Rossiiskaya Gazeta newspaper as saying in an interview.

“There are few heads of state who can actually recall the Second World War period. It doesn’t change our attitude toward the tragedy of military events, nor the disasters of the war,” he said.

He added that the planet has survived two world wars, and now we are not even allowed to think about the possibility of something like this.

“It’s important that any leaders of any states are well aware of the circumstances and are responsible for such decisions. I think that in the 21st century this scenario is impossible,” explained Medvedev.

Relations between Russia and the West have been sour as the United States and the European Union have slapped sanctions against Moscow since March 2014 over Ukraine.


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