Strategic experts suggest South Asian governments to formalize OBOR

Nepal Foreign Affairs (KATHMANDU, 28 April 2017)  – Strategic experts have reiterated the need to formalize ‘One Belt One Road’ (OBOR) in the governance system of all South Asian countries for the greater benefit of the South Asian people.

They have requested all the governments of South Asia including Nepal to be the part of OBOR formally taking the China’s move as an opportunity for the all south Asians. In a seminar  jointly organized by  China Study Center Nepal and Nepal Institute for Strategic Studies, the speakers highlighted the importance of Belt and Road initiative, a dream project propounded by President Xi Jinping.

According to a press release issued by China Study Centre after the seminar, all reached in consensus to focus on national development though this ambitious Chinese dream project. ”There is an immediate need to formalize OBOR in the governance system of all South Asian countries for the greater benefit of the South Asian people” the participants conclude.

The common of all speakers was that such formalization of OBOR supported by a cooperation system also needs institutionalized dialogue mechanism between China and countries in South Asia on policy and strategic development planning coordination and cooperation measures to prioritize projects within the framework of OBOR.

Countries in South Asia and China may vow to expand mutual and inclusive cooperation in the days ahead for establishing credible Government to Government as well as People to People contacts to enhance trust between South Asia and China.

In this connection it is necessary to hold follow up seminar focusing on the progress made during the requisite interval of time and evaluate all three dimensions which were discussed today. Chairman of China Study Center Nepal and Nepal Institute for Strategic Studies for organizing a very important seminar that could create a positive impetus in realizing the value of OBOR Initiative.

In his key note address, the Vice Chairman of the National Planning Commission  Min Bahadur Shrestha laid emphasis on the regional connectivity within the OBOR framework for the regions’ accelerated and higher economic prosperity in a secure and stable environment.

Ambassador of The People’s Republic of China to Nepal Yu Hong said stability in policy is the key to success of such initiative which is very important for the development of the South Asian Region.  Acting Chairman of CSC, Mr. Sundar Nath Bhattarai , NISS Chairman Lt. Gen Vivek K Shah(Retd) also highlighted the importance of OBOR.   The distinguished paper presenters and participants made the seminar deliberations lively and focused making the seminar deliverables result-oriented and significant.




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