Study campaign to empower CPC on road ahead

BEIJING – The ongoing thematic education campaign within the Communist Party of China (CPC) provides an opportunity to enhance the Party’s governance ability and leadership to secure steady progress in Chinese modernization despite challenges.

Launched in April, the Party-wide thematic education campaign to study and implement Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era focuses on leading officials at and above the county and director level, aiming to achieve unity in thought, will and action by using the Party’s new theories.

The 20th National Congress of the CPC last October drew up a grand blueprint for comprehensively building a modern socialist country. Yet the Party and the nation face heavy tasks in their efforts towards the goal. Thus, it is necessary for CPC officials to strengthen their own theoretical knowledge and transform their studies into an overall improvement in their own mastering of Marxist tenets and their ability to address the urgent needs of the people and crack thorny issues through theoretical guidance.

As the long-term governing party of a country with more than 1.4 billion people, the CPC must achieve unity in thought, will and action with the Party’s new theories. The history of the CPC speaks volumes about the reasons behind the Party’s growth and strength. The Party has always provided strong theoretical training for its members and officials, so they can remain firm in their joint faith with a strong will and coordinated actions.

“With a history of 101 years and more than 96 million members, the CPC faces the challenge of continuously strengthening itself to lead the Chinese people to create a better life,” said Xiao Ruining, an assistant research fellow at the China Academy of Discipline Inspection and Supervision.

The CPC adheres to a people-centered development philosophy and dedicates itself to serving the people wholeheartedly. With the support of the people, the country has successfully built a moderately prosperous society in all respects under the strong leadership of the Party.

In addition to firming up the ideals and convictions of Party members and officials, the education campaign will prompt the Party to work hard to solve problems. As long as the CPC and the people stand together, think together and work together, no difficulty can stop China’s solid steps towards national rejuvenation.

Extensive fact-finding activities are an important part of the thematic education campaign. Officials visited factories and grassroots units, such as hospitals and universities, and worked to translate research findings into concrete solutions.

The campaign demonstrates the CPC’s resolve and action to address problems and adverse challenges in development and make tangible progress in the modernization drive.

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