The reason Nepal needs KP OLI

GP Acharya (KATHMANDU, 9 November 2022) – Last year, the author opined a piece entitled “Why Nepal Needs KP Oli” under different publication, which covered Nepal’s foreign relations under Oli. Now, this article will access the prospects of various domains- development, economy, diplomacy and foreign relations- beneath Oli’s potential third term premiership. This opinion piece, however, is not mere an admiration or defense of KP Oli, it is, instead, an advocacy for patronaging the sovereign dignity of Nepal.

As the CPN-UML has projected Chairman Oli as a Prime-Ministerial candidate of the party for the upcoming Parliamentary election slated for November 20, he is an unopposed contender. The chances that Oli would be unimpeded in the house too, to secure third term as the Prime Minister, are also higher despite trivial propaganda set by Deuba-led five-party electoral alliance. Though, there are enormous challenges to Oli from within and outside, there is no alternative to him in contemporary politics. Following the successive ostracized decisions such as ratification of MCC, immature diplomatic relations with Nepal’s immediate neighbors, irrational impeachment motion against the Chief Justice, anti-nationalist ‘Citizenship Bill’ among others commenced by this atypical alliance, the empathy cum expectation on Oli has exponentially risen in the recent days.

Besides, Oli has a huge number of committed cadres within the party as well as millions of jubilant supporters throughout the nation. While a large number of party leaders, cadres, or activists are switching to CPN-UML from different parties in the eve of general election that shows a mounting hope and unimpeded trust on CPN-UML and chairman Oli. They believe that CPN-UML is the only nationalistic party in contemporary history, while Oli has not only been a leader of CPN-UML, but also that of the nation. This is, perhaps, because Oli has been passionate cum patriotic on several political, social, cultural, economic, developmental and diplomatic deeds since he became the Prime Minister for the first time. Indeed, the anticipations of Nepali people on Oli have intensified not only because of the fading popularity of his opponents, but also that of Oli’s own endeavors, valiancy, spirit and thrust of nation building along with advanced vision in diplomacy and foreign policy.

Conversely, some section of people, who are being largely fuelled by anti-Oli vile, hardly want to listen Oli’s appellation. They blindly oppose Oli whether he does good or not to the nation. Seems they are being largely suffered by Oli phobia. While Oli faced inhuman criticism and abhorrent attacks since he became the Prime Minister for the first time and he is still witnessing immense criticism. He is likely to face more dreadful criticism post November 20 general election. Oli’s opponents even tagged him as a ‘dictator’. But, the fact is, Oli dictated his vision for the greater wellbeing of nation. He dictated a paragon of policy in achieving economic prosperity and preserving nation’s territorial sovereignty.

Strikingly, when Oli tried to accelerate the gear of vision on development and diplomacy, some of the co-comrades within the party clutched the brake of the government to retard Oli’s spirit of nation building during his second tenure. As he was being compelled to drive the ferry of the government without brakes, his mission of nation building accidently collided in the middle of his pursuit. Yet, what Oli witnessed, practiced or accomplished within the party, though is not only an internal matter of CPN-UML alone as it can affect the national politics and development, will be evaluated or justified by the prospective will of the people. To some extent, Oli suffered from some problem of ‘makeover leadership’ such as high vision, big dreams and patronizing expectations. Accordingly, Oli’s long term vision for Nepal may not have addressed Nepalese immediate and more urgent needs. Thus, Nepal needs KP Oli again to carry forward and materialize those dreams, vision, and impeding tasks of development, territorial sovereignty and national security.

Oli, however, takes every criticism as an input for his mission on nation building. Oli is an idealist- who can inspire the nation, stimulate the citizens, can dream big and envision several steps ahead of contemporary Nepali leaders. Oli’s grit, will, dedication, determination, confidence, enthusiasm, passion and perseverance are terrific- all of which make him a dignified leader of the nation. For Oli, a nationally applauded ‘true patriot, nation is above everything, while politics is an assertive service with passion, rather not a meek profession with apathy. Chairman Oli, while unveiling the party’s election manifesto, has projected four missions– good governance, development, prosperity and equality– along with “Twenty Guarantees” on behalf of CPN-UML that include achieving economic sovereignty; prioritizing improvements in education and literacy, food security, productivity, health and wellbeing; modernizing agriculture, advancing vision on use of IT; and defending nation, national interest, national dignity, territorial sovereignty, national independence and dignity of Nepali people among others; while the ruling five-party alliance has projected a foremost mission of protecting the ‘alliance’ just for a crave of power by going against basic norms and values of democracy.

Oli, who has been equipped with distinctive charisma, can cement friendly relations with foreign leaders through ‘personal diplomacy’, while personal diplomacy can play a significant role in solidifying Nepal’s relations with other countries at a time when bilateral relations would go low. Oli has valiant persona and immense sense of patriotic morality, which none of the contemporary leaders have, that makes him stand tall, neck-to-neck and shoulder-to-shoulder with leaders of the neighboring and other countries to safeguard national interest. Oli is a jingoistic leader; so the evil attack on Oli is an attack on sovereign Nepal, considers every patriotic Nepali.

When the entire nation was trembled and paralyzed due to massive earthquake followed by an insensitive Indian blocked in Nepal in 2015, Oli, as the Prime Minister, remained firm and rigid to protect sovereign dignity of nation and fellow citizens. He left no stone unturned to carry forward re-construction process, domestic development and international diplomacy. Oli took a momentous step to initiate Nepal-China strategic relations, whereby Nepal signed a remarkable transport and transit agreement with China that granted Nepal access to seven Chinese sea-ports for trading with third country. Meanwhile, Oli compelled India to end that blockade with a bold stance on Nepal’s perspectives on diplomatic relations with both the immediate neighbors. Oli, who has made strong image before China and India, is the only dignified leader in national politics to speak against Indian blockade and later maintain coherent bilateral relations with both the immediate neighbors. Whether Nepal could take maximum benefits of those agreements and diplomatic stance, or not, that’s the different thing. Yet, the significant matter is an intent of “Advancing Vision in Nepal’s Diplomacy”. Oli’s envisioned diplomacy, particularly, with the immediate neighbors, has not only heightened his image in the region, but also helped Nepal achieve ‘dignified stature’ in international community, which has also accentuated the sovereign dignity of Nepali people in international sphere. Oli’s views and interviews are covered by various prominent international media and publications, which reflects his towering personality as well as international exposure.

Oli is one of the multi-dynamic and influential leaders in contemporary Nepalese politics. He has stood equally competent in various political, economic, diplomatic and foreign policy issues such as- setting rational vision on nation building, leading with power and passion, standing against divisive politics, playing a significant role during the promulgation of constitution, taking pace of reconstruction, staying away from corruption-controversy, committed for self-less politics (donated his whole property to the nation), working hard, being a passionate learner, having a wide range of knowledge (history, geography, culture, spirituality, religion, diplomacy, geopolitics), interacting with youth and public regularly, prioritizing health and well-being of citizens, emphasizing infrastructure and development, connecting Nepal- physically, digitally, socially and psychologically- to the regional world and beyond, emphasizing digital Nepal and e-governance, being stanch in safeguarding territorial sovereignty and national security, participating in global forums (UN and WEF) with gallant presence, partaking a very good personal diplomacy in foreign relations, handling bilateral relations coherently, and executing pragmatic diplomacy during critical situation among others.

Presumably, Oli, as the Prime Minister of Nepal, did nothing immoral to the nation and fellow citizens. He, instead, geared-up the momentum of diplomatic and foreign relations, where he became meticulously successful to influence Nepal’s immediate neighbors and other powers in his first tenure. He put nation and national interest above everything. In the second tenure, Oli injected visionary dynamism into Nepal’s development and diplomacy, and initiated a thrust of nation building and valiancy of safeguarding territorial sovereignty. Oli is anticipated to lead the nation with defense-driven leadership, diplomatic intelligence and economic patriotism as the core of the efforts to advance national interest in his prospective third tenure.

Nevertheless, Oli alone cannot bring a radical transformation in Nepal. A comprehensive political culture is essential to ensure domestic political stability, while sound intelligence culture is essential to ensure national security and territorial sovereignty, both of which are possible through broader national consciousness and cohesive will of the people. Most important, Nepal needs a daring leader who can pragmatically handle all the issues- economic, developmental, diplomatic, foreign policy and security; coherently balance Nepal’s relations with immediate and other powers; and drive the nation with spirited leadership, rational intelligence and sense of economic patriotism. Nepalese expectations on KP Oli are soaring up, while Nepali people have a new hope, new energy, new mission, new thirst and new thinking to make novel Nepal. The vote of every patriotic Nepali is for KP Oli. Nepal needs KP Oli again not only for achieving political stability and economic prosperity, but also for configuring opulent nation, conserving territorial sovereignty, and patronaging the sovereign dignity of Nepal.

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