U.S awards five development programs to NGOs in Nepal totaling 212 mln USD

indexKATHMANDU, April 15 (Xinhua)– The U.S. government has awarded five new development programs to Non-Government Organizations totaling 212 million U.S. dollars this week, the U.S. Embassy in Kathmandu announced here on Friday.

On behalf of the U.S government, the U.S Agency for International Development (USAID) signed awards for five new development programs, the embassy said.

Of the five programs, the first one is ‘Suaahara II deveopment’ worth 63 million dollars. The five-year program has been awarded to Hellen Keller International.

The program is focused on improving nutrition in Nepal’s 40 districts through education, water, sanitation, and hygiene improvements, access to health services, and backyard poultry and vegetable farming, according to the embassy.

Second program is ‘Feed the Future Seed and Fertilizer Project’, which has been awarded to the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center by the U.S government.

The embassy said that this five-year, 15 million dollar project will be working in 25 districts of Nepal partnering with the government and private companies to help farmers get access to better seeds and fertilizers that will allow them to produce more high-quality crops and increase their incomes.

As per the announcement, the third program is ‘Sustainable, Just and Productive Water Resources Development in Western Nepal.’ The three-year program has been awarded to the International Water Management Institute.

“This 2.5 million dollar project will support communities in the Karnali and Mahakali river basins to manage rivers and lakes in sustainable ways that benefit the entire community,” the embassy said in its statement.

The U.S.-funded forth program is called ‘Civil Society: Mutual Accountability Project,’ which has been awarded to FHI360. This five-year, 15 million dollar project is aimed at strengthening civil society organizations’ ability to advocate for government effectiveness and accountability.

The fifth program is ‘Program for Aquatic Natural Resources Improvement (PANI)’, which has been awarded to DAI Global. Under the leadership of the Nepali government, this five-year, 25 million dollar project will help communities benefit economically from rivers and lakes and conserve local fish and other wildlife, the embassy said.

“These new projects address both the continuing needs of the Nepali people post-earthquake, and at the same time build sustainable communities that support Nepal’s long-term development goals,” U.S Ambassador to Nepal Alaina B. Teplitz said in the embassy statement.

The U.S. Agency has been operating in Nepal through a five-year (2014-2019), 447 million-dollar assistance agreement with the Nepalese Ministry of Finance.


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