U.S. Embassy Encourages Staff Participation in Constitution Draft Discussion (US Embassy Press Release)

unnamedU.S. Embassy local staff today discussed the draft constitution, including its significant clauses.  USAID Nepal Democracy and Governance Director Maria Barrón and Embassy Legislative and Political Process Specialist Ramesh Adhikari facilitated the discussion during which the staff shared what they had learned to date about rights ensured in the proposed constitution.  Copies of the draft constitution were distributed along with information on where staff could call, email, fax or mail their formal comments.  More information is found on the Constituent Assembly’s web page: www.can.gov.np


After this robust discussion, local staff were given leave for the rest of the day so that they could provide their inputs during the Government’s public commentary period.


“Citizens in a democracy have rights, and they also have responsibilities. One responsibility is to stay informed about their own government’s activities because a democracy needs active citizens in order to work.  The U.S. Embassy wants to ensure that our Nepali employees have an opportunity to fully participate in their democracy,” U.S. Ambassador to Nepal Peter W. Bodde stated.

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