U.S. Mission and APF Complete Well Project

Nepal Foreign Affairs (KATHMANDU Feb 10) : The U.S. Mission to Nepal, in partnership with the Nepal Armed Police Force, has constructed seven deep tube wells in the Kathmandu Valley to provide an emergency water supply in the event of a catastrophic earthquake on Tuesday.

With this $1.3 million project, each of the seven wells can provide up to 10,000 liters of water per day, supporting up to 15,000 residents following an earthquake, read a press statement issued by the US embassy in Kathmandu.


“The U.S. Mission to Nepal is committed to supporting the government of Nepal’s efforts in planning for a disaster.  An important part of contingency planning is the provision of clean water,” the statement said.

The Defense Attaché to the U.S. Mission to Nepal said in the statement, “While we cannot prevent natural disasters like earthquakes, the Government of Nepal has made tremendous steps in disaster preparedness efforts.  These seismically safe deep tube wells can provide essential potable water to the people of Kathmandu in the critical hours after a disaster.”

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