UK’s Prince Harry to visit Nepal in March 2016

CYMPh8UWEAAht-vKATHMANDU, Jan. 8 (Nepal Foreign Affairs)–Prince Harry of the United Kingdom will make an official visit to Nepal in the Spring this year, the Kensington Palace said on Friday.

According to diplomatic sources, the prince will travel to Nepal in March. However, the exact date of the travel has yet to be announced by both the governments. It will be the first time HRH has visited the country.

During a recent visit of Foreign Minister Kamal Thapa to London, the UK officials had indicated to Nepali officials that the visit of the prince might take place in March. Nepal and UK are planning to host a special function in March in Kathmandu on the occasion of bicentennial of the diplomatic relations, government officials said.

There have been many royal visits to Nepal over the years including the Queen, Duke of Edinburgh and Prince of Wales. Meanwhile, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will make an official visit to Bhutan and India this spring, the Kensington Palace Palace said.

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