UN Secretary General expresses concern over blocking of essential supplies on Nepal-India border

KATHMANDU, Nov 21 (Nepal Foreign Affairs)–United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Friday underlined his growing concern over the blocking of essential supplies on the Nepal-India border and called on all sides to lift these restrictions without further delay.

“[The Secretary-General] is alarmed by reports of the obstruction, and destruction, of life-saving medical supplies and the continued impact on humanitarian operations,” said a statement issued by his spokesperson, which said Mr. Ban underlines Nepal’s right of free transit.

Ahead of planned protests on 21 November, the Secretary-General further stressed in his statement that the importance of dialogue and non-violence, as well as respect for peaceful protest and the freedom of assembly.

“He urges all sides to resolve their differences in a peaceful and flexible manner and reiterates the support of the United Nations to Nepal’s efforts to build a democratic, inclusive, peaceful and prosperous future,” the statement concluded.

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