US commends Nepali people for successful elections

Nepal Foreign Affairs (15 December 2017) – The United States (US) has commended the citizens and Government of Nepal for conducting peaceful, orderly, and broadly supported parliamentary and provincial assembly elections on November 26 and December 7, and for managing the challenging process of counting and tabulating results.

“The successful completion of elections at the local, provincial, and national levels is an important milestone in Nepal’s democratic journey, one that should set the stage for responsive governance based on the principles of transparency, inclusivity, rule of law, and service delivery,” read a statement issued by Kathmandu-based US Embassy on Friday.

The US also praised the efforts of government officials, elections officials, volunteers, security personnel, observers, political parties and others who contributed to creating an atmosphere for conducting five phases of elections across the country.  “We congratulate all participants and look forward to working with the new government as it embarks on the next phase of constitutional implementation,” said the statement.

“With the completion of the last round of constitutionally-mandated direct elections comes an important opportunity for the people of Nepal:  the implementation of the constitution through elections, federalization, and the strengthening of governmental institutions has the potential to usher in a new era of political stability,” noted the statement.

The United States has said that it is now the responsibility of newly elected representatives at all levels to focus on inclusive, transparent, accountable governance that serves and benefits all people in order to allow the country and its people to realise their full potential.

Furthermore, the US has urged Nepali citizens to continue to exercise civic duty by staying involved and by holding elected officials fully accountable.


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