USAID launches Auditor General Support Project

KATHMANDU – Counselor of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Clinton White on Friday announced the launching of the Auditor General Support Project.

The memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the Office of Auditor General and the US government’s Centre for Audit Excellence is focused on enhancing accountability and promoting transparency. ‘The USAID Auditor-General Support Project reflects collaborative partnership between the OAG and USAID. The partners have a shared goal to strengthen the OAG’s investigative capacity and ensure transparent and accountable public financial management in a way to make the Nepal government policy and procedure strong’, Councilor White added.

The partnership will provide training and technical capacity to the OAG to improve its audit quality. Likewise, it has aimed to effectively communicate the results through training and consultancy and build sustainable capacity. The project has set an objective to strengthen capacity of the OAG to maintain higher values of transparency, accountability and integrity in governance of Nepal. It is noted that the partnership would utilize the expertise of Centre for Audit Excellence and adhere to the international best practices. Counselor White is on a three-day Nepal visit now.

During the visit, Counselor White will visit Nepal government, civil society leaders, community groups, students and entrepreneurs. Discussion will be held about collaboration and understanding between Nepal and the US to strengthen decade-old bilateral relations

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