When will Prime Minister Modi receive the EPG report ?

Nepal Foreign Affairs (KATHMANDU, 28 May 2019) – Now the time has come for Nepal and India to cement the relations restored after powerful jerks and jolts.

And, the first priority should be given to the report of Eminent Persons Group (EPG), which has been waiting the time of both the Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and Narendra Modi.  

India’s election is over and Nepal is also on track of sutained development. Sources have said the report will be received soon after holding consulations in the high level.  

The Eminent Person’s Group (EPG)  formed to review the overall relations of Nepal and India including 1950 treaty of Peace and Friendship has prepared the common report. But the report is stranded now  since both the Prime Ministers have not received the report despite the repeated request.

It was conveyed from the India side that Prime Minister Modi was busy in election campain hence proper attention could not be given to the report. Now the election is over. Modi reelected as Prime Minister of India with landslide victory. He has further stregnthened his power with more seats in Lokshaba this time than 2014.

The question comes – will Modi receive the report now ? Soucres of both the government have said the report would be received by both the Prime Minister in due time soon.

According to the provision mentioned in the TOR of the EPG, the report should be submitted to Indian Prime Minister first then to Nepali Prime Minister. If abides by the provision, Modi should first take the issue seriously and ask the concern authority to manage the due time for receiving the report.

Prime Minister Oli seems ready to receive the report any time soon since he has prioritized relations with India. In fact, It was Oli who had taken the initiation to accelarate the process to form the panel. During his first official visit to India in 2016, the EPG was anncounced.

Modi’s continuation in power has made a conducive environment to understand the EPG and other issues and to continue the projects agreed and started bewteen two nations.

A source based in Indian embassy in Kathmandu has said that Prime Minister Modi has kept Nepal in priority and will do whatever to make the relations warmer.

”EPG report will be received soon. It should not be the issue of controversy” the source told NFA.

Dr. Rajan Bhattarri, Foreing Affairs Advisor to Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli on Tuesday belived that the report will be received by both the Prime Minister.  ”There shouldn’t be any doubt on the report commonly prepared by both the assigned team.It will be now the property of both the nations. I believed it will be implemented”. Bhattari was the memeber of EPG when he was member of Parliament nominated by the government.

The Other member of EPG, Nilamber Acharya is now the ambassador of Nepal to India. Similarly, one member of EPG from Indian side passed away couple of months before.

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